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- iOS App for Amazon Alexa -

Hold to Speak or simply Say "Alexa".

Ech.go can be used truly handsfree. The Alexa wakeword is supported. Simply trigger Alexa's attention with your voice by saying Alexa.

 Write messages.

Say Alexa and ask a question or write messages to Alexa.
All answers are spoken and transcripted within the Ech.go App.

And more features...

Ech.go uses the newest Alexa Voice Services Api

That means it also supports Timers, Alerts, Skills, Calendar, Weather, Smart Home devices, Traffic, Sports, News and Audio playback.

Listen to many Radio Stations and Podcasts powered by TuneIn (US iHeartRadio), relax to your Audible Audiobooks or let Alexa read you Kindle books.

Try Asking Questions, here are some examples: 

"Alexa, how's the weather?"

"Alexa, timer 5 minutes"

"Alexa, what's in the news?"

"Alexa, play NPR"

"Alexa, turn on the lights"

"Alexa, play the podcast RadioLab"

"Alexa, play my Audiobook"

"Alexa, add an event to my calendar"

Alexa App

To setup you Alexa, install skills and view Alexa Cards please use the Alexa App. 

Download the Alexa App from the AppStore

Ech.go supports the Alexa voice languages:

English (US), English (UK) and German.

User Interface Language is currently english only. 

German will follow soon...

Ech.go currently does not support Amazon Music due to Alexa doesn't allow the use of Amazon Music in apps. Only hardware implementations are allowed to play Amazon Music at this time.